Special aspects of the UNI update

What is this update all about?

Starting from version 5.3, there'll be only one unified version of the Airport City app both for iPhone and iPad. This unification allows you to transfer your progress to any iOS device on your own or restore it if necessary. Moreover, you'll finally be able to change your game username!

What should I do to get the new version?

If you play on your iPhone, simply download the update from the AppStore and keep playing as usual.
Getting the update on your iPad is slightly more difficult, that's why we've prepared a quick how-to guide for such cases:
1. Tap Install when you get the New version is available message in the game.
2. The game will automatically redirect you to the page of the new Airport City on the AppStore. Install the new app.
3. When the new version is installed, launch the game with the help of the newly created Airport City icon.
4. You'll get a restoration window on entering the game. Download the progress from the server to get it transferred to the new app.
5. After the process is finished, you'll get 10 Airport Cash as a bonus and can freely go on with developing your Airport.
6. The icon of the old version of the app (Airport City HD) can easily be deleted, as it won't get any updates in the future. We don't recommend opening it after the process.
If you decided to delete the new app, you'll get a reminder about the new version each time you enter the old one. However, you won't get any bonus for downloading it for a second time.

I'm playing both on my iPhone and my iPad, and I want to keep both profiles. How can I do that?

Airport City progress is linked to your Game Center profile. To separate the two different game profiles, you should use a different Game Center profile for each of the devices. 
N.B.!: In case you don't use a separate Game Center profile, one of the Airport City games would be lost, as the both apps would load the progress of the game you entered the last!
To create a different Game Center account, a new Apple ID should be registered in the first place. No worries about your main Apple ID though, as the additional one would be used as a Game Center login only, and would not interfere with your main data.
We've compiled a step-by-step instruction about saving both your profiles:
1. Create a new Apple ID through Apple Website. You can find the corresponding option here:!&page=signin
2. Choose the device where you'll use an additional Apple ID to create a Game Center profile. You can leave your main account on the other device.
3. Log out of the Game Center account on the chosen device. To do that, open Settings, find Game Center in the left column, tap your Apple ID and choose Sign Out.
4. Use Sign In and enter the login and password of the newly created Apple ID.
5. That's it! Now you'll have different progress on both devices when updating to the new version.
If you use more than two devices to play the game, you should create an additional Apple ID for each of them and repeat the Game Center account change to keep your progress separate.
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