What are phenomena?

Sometimes phenomena appear in rooms at random. They affect the room they’re in as well as adjacent rooms. Exploring these rooms requires additional energy. Phenomena distort rooms and provide additional challenges while exploring, but the reward for successfully exploring them is bigger. You can see that a room has a phenomenon in it by a special icon on the map.
Despite appearing in random rooms, phenomena can be summoned with the use of special items from the game shop.
There are several ways to banish a phenomenon:
- Successfully explore the room and receive the reward. After that, the curse will still remain in the room, which will make exploring more challenging but won’t increase energy requirements.
- Use a special item from the game shop. Please keep in mind that there’s a specific item for each phenomenon.

After banishing a phenomenon with the item required to do so, the room will go into a random mode that will not affect adjacent rooms.
Items for banishing and summoning phenomena can also be found in the rooms of the Manor.
Note: some quests may require you to successfully explore a room with a certain phenomenon active in order to find an item. Using special items to banish the phenomenon will not result in you receiving the quest item.
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